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Since I could hold a crayon, I've had a passion to create. It was only a hobby until 2015 when I painted a mural in a popular restaurant and received an overwhelming response. Several murals in several restaurants later, the opportunity arose for a career in art. Architecture and Design have been at the forefront of my career and have helped provide the skills, creative thinking and confidence for my art. Structure, proportion, scale and harmony are fundamentals practiced in architecture. For me, all of these relate equally to art and are apparent in the human form, portraits in particular. A constant theme with my most recent pieces is translating realistic proportions from an image or real life to a flat canvas. Although my education in fine arts is limited, I have always gravitated to learning and understanding an artist’s approach to their work. By reciprocating this knowledge and applying it to everything I learn and create, I will continue to grow on this artistic journey. “Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Reyna, 2017 · Toronto Ontario 9'x10' acrylic on drywall

Tezcatlipoca, 2017 · mexico city, 4'x5' acrylic on canvas blind

Frida, 2017 · mexico city, 6'x6' acrylic on canvas

Calii Love, 2016 · Toronto, Ontario 13'x10' paint marker on drywall

Fairouz 2016 · Ottawa ON, 2'x4' acrylic and spray paint on drywall

OM, 2016 · ottawa ontario, 5'x5' acrylic on drywall

Fear of Man, 2016 · Los Angeles California, 3'x4' acrylic on canvas

The Kiss, 2015 · Toronto Ontario, 4'x5' mixed media on wood

Geisha, 2015 · Tomo Ottawa, part of a 65' wall mural mixed media

Kiss of Death, 2015 · Ottawa Ontario, 3'x3' acrylic on raw steel

Mexican Gothic, 2014 · Toronto Ontario, 6'x6' acrylic on canvas

No Name, 2013 · Ottawa Ontario, 3'x3' acrylic on canvas

Ambivalent, 2013 · Toronto Ontario, digital

Blair, 2012 · Port Dover ontario, 8"x10" graphite on paper